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Flawless Medical Aesthetics , Specialized in Natural Results.
Images of a Botox treatment showing reduced wrinkles and smoother skin."

"We believe in natural beauty, but we also believe in helping you age with grace and elegance!"

  • Specialized in natural aesthetic results.

About Us

Filler , botox , facial , hair laser removal and more.

Aida Koni, APRN- FNP, is Double Board Certified in Family Practice and Aesthetic Medicine.


“ I am a firm believer in natural beauty, but I also believe in helping you age with grace and elegance, and this means that wrinkles, sagging skin, sun damage, and uneven skin do not have to be part of your aging process. The best results come from first understanding patient needs and desires and then providing a tailor–made solution that meets the personal expectations of that patient ”.


She takes the time to educate and inform her patients of the most modern methods of cosmetic enhancements available, enabling them to make informed choices leading to desired outcomes. 

Beauty skin , natural results

Izabela Bashari, Certified Esthetician, Certified in Aesthetic Medicine. 


" I am passionate about the beauty industry and value the personal relationships I build with each client. I am always looking out for the latest innovations in beauty to give my clients the best experience possible. When it comes to achieving long-term success, maintaining an open mind and a desire for knowledge are two essential habits everyone should strive to adopt. My continuous learning will result in exceptional services served to my clients. "


Izabela's skill and attention to detail shine through with every service, ensuring the customer always feels comfortable and relaxed, leaving the spa feeling more confident and beautiful.



We symbolize beauty in change, delicate and sophisticated. Beauty is created to nourish the soul, which energizes the senses.
Our expertise, background, experience,  and the latest technology will enable you to realize and accomplish your beauty vision.
We are providing Avant–Garde beauty and wellness services at all times. We want to make the everyday ordinary extraordinary for you!

Our mission is to improve the quality of a woman’s life by sharing our expertise, using relaxing innovative practices, and superior products. To us, each guest is an individual and deserves a highly personal quality of service. We strive to push the boundaries of beauty with our great products, exceptional service, and dedication to our clients.

This can be your flawless moment…

Skin brightening and wrinkle free with our microneedeling and prp treatmens.


"Love this place,relaxing atmosphere, beautiful decor and extremely friendly staff with a lot of knowledge.They have the latest technology and the best organic skin care lines i ever tried in my life."


"I've really struggled with acne since i was very young.Flawless Medical Aesthetics really changed my life.And hair?! I could not believe it that i did feel no pain at all when i chose to do laser hair removal treatment.My skin looks so healthy and it feels amazing."



"My skin never looked this good.I have gone to many places and i finally feel i have my own personal skin care consultants that i truly trust and that is invaluable to me."


"Dr.Aida does an amazing job with botox and other injectables.She is an artist.No one ever could understand i did something on my face and my skin looks amazing!"



 "I wanted to go somewhere that i could see real results and that is exactly what i got at Flawless Medical Aesthetics.After my "Vampire Facial" my skin is brighter ,healthy looking and my pores looks refined and clean.I would not go anywhere else!"


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